Massabesic High School MVPs Sport Page

The Massabesic High School Sports MVPs is up to date for the school year 2007-08

Check out the Massabesic’s sports teams MVPs archive. MVPs are sorted by both school years and the various sports. If you are an alumni, go down memory lane and see yourself or your old friends; if you are a student, you might see your parents, relatives or acquaintances listed as a former Massabesic MVP. It is also interesting to see what sports have been added as the years go by.

I started this page in 2001. As I was walking in the hall at the High School and looking at the plaques for the school’s MVPs, I always wondered what these people looked like and thought how it would be fun to look at a collection of pictures by year and by sport. I hope you’ll have as much fun looking at it as I had making it.
Interesting facts:

  • When the school opened in 1969, the boys teams were wrestling, basketball, track and baseball and girls had only basketball and softball as options.
  • Cross country, football and track was added the following year for boys. Fields hockey and track for girls
  • Tennis and swimming made its appearance in 1983 for girls. Boys’ swimming started in 1984. Fall Cheering was introduces in 1984 and winter cheering in 1986.
  • Soccer was introduced in 1986 both for boys and girls.
  • Hockey made its debut in 1994.
  • In 2004-05 the first girl lacrosse team was formed and boy’s lacrosse followed in 2006-07.