Massabesic Middle School Talent Show


Congratulations to all the Talent Show participants for a great performance and a special “Thank You” to tall the staff members who worked on this for our enjoyment.

Massabesic Middle School Talent Show

June 20, 2008

Brianna Bean sings “On My own” from the musical ‘ Les Miserables”

Jacob Bedard plays piano “Minuet in D”

Shawna Rumery and Caitlyn Martin dance to :”Damaged” by Danity Kane

Michelle Cafferky and Riley Smith perform to “Start All Over” by Miley Cyrus

Clarissa Nemet dances to “Build God and Then We’ll Talk” by Panic at the Disco

River Whitten and Justin Wolfinger perform an original musical titled “Falling Down”

Abby Mallard sings ” Away From the roll of the Sea”

Megan Goddard dances to Fergie’s “Here I Come”

Callie Hansen sings “Let’s Dance” from Miley Cyrus

“Mrs. Lands’ Homeroomies” perform to Aerosmith’s “Dude” : Jacob Lanoue, River Whitten, Mark Bender, Justin Wolfinger, Tori Stewart, Ciera Lamontagne. Sarah Roy, Katie Abbott and Michelle Giordano

Jacob Bedard dances to “Low”

DJ Durand plays acoustic guitar to “Wish You Were There”

Meagan Snow and Haley Jones perform “I’d Lie” from Taylor Swift

Mark bender. Jacob Lanoue and Dylan Tremblay perform “You’re Gonna Miss This” from Trace Adkins

Zodiac Alliance band (DJ Durand, Ry Audy, and Zai Huntress) perform 2 original pieces; “nothing You Can Do” followed by ‘Letting Go”

John Secunde sing and  plays the guitar

Brian Wardwell sings ‘Life is a Highway” from Rascal Flatts