7th Grade Animation Project

Our 1st quarter students just finished creating their own computer generated animations. The MLTI program, unique to the the State of Maine, helps to make this project a reality. Every student is issued the use of a laptop for their two years at the Middle School.  This project helps students to explore additional uses of their computer beyond word processing and web surfing. This was a very exciting project, the results of which you can see by checking out the MMS animation page.
       We started this project with a lesson on cartooning.  Afterwards, each student brainstormed ideas for their own animation.  Students then drew, painted, outlined and cut their cartoon characters and backgrounds out of paper.  Utilizing a digital camera and the Apple iMovie software, students began constructing their animations, frame-by-frame. After the animation was complete, students added a soundtrack (often mixing voice and music).  Once the animation was finished, it was rendered as a QuickTime movie.  Each movie has been uploaded to the school server and is available for viewing here.
      If you have any questions on how this was done, feel free to email me at Lucille_Hussey@fc.sad57.k12.me.us