I am in the process of transferring my Art Web Site

New Link to the 2010-11 School Year Art Web Pages!!!

Hello everyone, I am in the process of transferring my Art Web Site to a different server. R.S.U. #57 will not be hosting the site anymore. The will shut it down on August 15, 2011. Please access my site through my blog .

I just retired after 35 years of teaching Art and I still want my former students and anyone else the opportunity to look at the site.

I plan to archive  all  my pages from the year 2000. They range from SPORTS,  MUSIC , DRAMA  SCHOOL LIFE and of course ART.

I’ll keep you posted as I upload them to my new host.

6th Grade Art page is all up to date

My 6 th grade students learned about 1 Point or Linear perspective. They created a room or city with a main focus  to showcase their new drawing skills.One of our fun final activity my students learned about macramé. They learned how to make square knots , create patterns and how important it was to have  the right  tension. They made necklaces, anklets or bracelets