Remember MMS School Year 2004-06

If you attended the Middle School in 2004-06  (class of 2010)   You can view all the webpages I made for the school .The art webpage is specific for the class of 2010, all other activities include all who attended during this time spand.  You can see all of the Art pages, dances, talent show, sports, music concerts, recognition etc. I will upload more years in the near future. Click HERE to see see the menu for 2004-06

I am in the process of transferring my Art Web Site

New Link to the 2010-11 School Year Art Web Pages!!!

Hello everyone, I am in the process of transferring my Art Web Site to a different server. R.S.U. #57 will not be hosting the site anymore. The will shut it down on August 15, 2011. Please access my site through my blog .

I just retired after 35 years of teaching Art and I still want my former students and anyone else the opportunity to look at the site.

I plan to archive  all  my pages from the year 2000. They range from SPORTS,  MUSIC , DRAMA  SCHOOL LIFE and of course ART.

I’ll keep you posted as I upload them to my new host.

New Updates on the Art Webpage!

The Art Rooms have been very busy since school started.

High School Pottery I – Please go to High School Pottery 1 webpage. We have been working on pinchs pots with slip decorations. We learned how to load the kiln and glaze our pots with a clear glaze.

 Next the class worked on  a  “Ball Construction with a Mold“” Students brought in a bowl from home, then they laid a piece of tulle in the bowl  as a release agent. They rolled small balls of clay and started layering them in their bowls. The clay balls were attached together using their fingers or a modeling tool. Most students did 2 of these bowls and after releasing the clay from the bowl they are put together by scoring and using slip (score and slip). A neck is added using coil or slab.

Each students created a “Kiln God ” to watch over the kiln . All Ball Construction with a Mold Vases made it.!

Students are now working on a coil pot. 

      We are  learning all the different aspects of pottery, from different building techniques, glazes, loading and firing the kiln and also intertwine our lessons with Art History and the Elements and Principles of Design.

6th Grade Art  Our first major project: In this painting unit  6th grade students learned about  drawing a face using  the right proportion. They also reviewed the color wheel and identified 6 different color harmonies or schemes. When they started painting, they had to choose their harmonies from: cool, warm, complementary, split complementary,  monochromatic and analogous colors. They did a lot of mixing with tones to make their painting more interesting. They learned a lot about colors. And most of all   that PAINTING IS FUN! 

Our 2nd project: 6th grade students learned about Art History through shoes. From sandals in ancient Egypt, poulaines in superstitious Medieval times, scarpines with King Henry VIII, platform shoes in  Europe, boots with heels with cowboys , wood shoes or sabot in France, to modern times . After learning basic paper construction: scoring and making tabs , using white glue the proper way, they designed their own shoes.

We are now working on creating a marionette and drawing cartoons. The cartoons will become animated. More info to come on this exciting project!