Sports at Massabesic Middle School

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You can find sport’s schedule, directions to athletic fields and best of all team pictures and game pictures from all sports. As of September 22nd you can view slide shows for the 7th and 8th grade Boys and Girls Soccer Teams. I’ll be attending more home games in the near future.

Massabesic High School MVPs Sport Page

The Massabesic High School Sports MVPs is up to date for the school year 2007-08

Check out the Massabesic’s sports teams MVPs archive. MVPs are sorted by both school years and the various sports. If you are an alumni, go down memory lane and see yourself or your old friends; if you are a student, you might see your parents, relatives or acquaintances listed as a former Massabesic MVP. It is also interesting to see what sports have been added as the years go by.

I started this page in 2001. As I was walking in the hall at the High School and looking at the plaques for the school’s MVPs, I always wondered what these people looked like and thought how it would be fun to look at a collection of pictures by year and by sport. I hope you’ll have as much fun looking at it as I had making it.
Interesting facts:

  • When the school opened in 1969, the boys teams were wrestling, basketball, track and baseball and girls had only basketball and softball as options.
  • Cross country, football and track was added the following year for boys. Fields hockey and track for girls
  • Tennis and swimming made its appearance in 1983 for girls. Boys’ swimming started in 1984. Fall Cheering was introduces in 1984 and winter cheering in 1986.
  • Soccer was introduced in 1986 both for boys and girls.
  • Hockey made its debut in 1994.
  • In 2004-05 the first girl lacrosse team was formed and boy’s lacrosse followed in 2006-07.

2008 President’s Education Award Program Recipients

At the end of 8th grade, the Recognition Committee presents  the Presidential Award to the students who maintain an average  of 90 or better in all subject areas for their 2 years at the Middle School. This is a very special award, one to be very proud of!

Click here to see the 2008 President’s Education Award Program Recipients


Savanna Arral

Ryan Audy

Alexandria Braley

Matthew Bullard

Alyssa Davis

Ryan Dodge

Nathan Elmore

Michelle Giordano

Cassandra Hamann

Casey Irish

Libby Langlois

Samuel Lariviere

Holly Ledoux

Marjorie Lee

Travis Mansfield

Susannah Moore

Emily Schatz

Melissa Vigue

“Remember MMS 2006-2008” CDs

The “Remember MMS 2006-2008” CDs were mailed Friday June 27, 2008. If you ordered one you should get it tomorrow or Monday. Thanks to the 37 students who ordered it. There was so much material that I had to use 2 CDs to fit it all in! As a bonus, I added the slideshow  that was presented at the Talent Show in one of the CD. Enjoy. 8th graders that did not order one , it’s not too late! Just e-mail me at

Massabesic Middle School Talent Show


Congratulations to all the Talent Show participants for a great performance and a special “Thank You” to tall the staff members who worked on this for our enjoyment.

Massabesic Middle School Talent Show

June 20, 2008

Brianna Bean sings “On My own” from the musical ‘ Les Miserables”

Jacob Bedard plays piano “Minuet in D”

Shawna Rumery and Caitlyn Martin dance to :”Damaged” by Danity Kane

Michelle Cafferky and Riley Smith perform to “Start All Over” by Miley Cyrus

Clarissa Nemet dances to “Build God and Then We’ll Talk” by Panic at the Disco

River Whitten and Justin Wolfinger perform an original musical titled “Falling Down”

Abby Mallard sings ” Away From the roll of the Sea”

Megan Goddard dances to Fergie’s “Here I Come”

Callie Hansen sings “Let’s Dance” from Miley Cyrus

“Mrs. Lands’ Homeroomies” perform to Aerosmith’s “Dude” : Jacob Lanoue, River Whitten, Mark Bender, Justin Wolfinger, Tori Stewart, Ciera Lamontagne. Sarah Roy, Katie Abbott and Michelle Giordano

Jacob Bedard dances to “Low”

DJ Durand plays acoustic guitar to “Wish You Were There”

Meagan Snow and Haley Jones perform “I’d Lie” from Taylor Swift

Mark bender. Jacob Lanoue and Dylan Tremblay perform “You’re Gonna Miss This” from Trace Adkins

Zodiac Alliance band (DJ Durand, Ry Audy, and Zai Huntress) perform 2 original pieces; “nothing You Can Do” followed by ‘Letting Go”

John Secunde sing and  plays the guitar

Brian Wardwell sings ‘Life is a Highway” from Rascal Flatts

Massabesic Micddle School Spring Concert

Click here for Spring Concert photos.

Congratulations to Jacob Lanoue for being selected by audition as a MEMBER of the Portland Youth Wind Ensemble and Portland Youth Orchestra.  Students from all over Southern Maine (and some students travel from even further) audition to become involved in these honors ensembles.  There is no age minimum to audition, however both groups are made up of primarily high school students.  Both groups rehearse and perform throughout the year at USM- under the director of USM’s orchestra and wind ensemble conductors.

It is a great honor for Jacob to be selected…especially as an 8th grader. Being selected for the both the band and orchestra means that he is among the best trombonists in all of Southern Maine!  We now have three Massabesic students in the Portland Youth Ensembles.

The following students received recognition for their hard work/improvement at the June 4,2008 banquet. Additionally, band, chorus, jazz band, and chamber music participants received certificates of participation.
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